Cinematic Studio Strings Update 1.1

10th September 2016


Update change log:

  1. Non-vib bug where notes would drop out / not trigger correctly: fixed
  2. Unload / Reload articulation issue with Staccato and Sforzando samples not reloading correctly: fixed

Update Instructions:


Select the file in Windows Explorer, and choose "Extract All" from the Explorer menu bar, or by right-clicking on the file and choosing the option from the context menu

Click "Browse...", and then navigate to your Cinematic Studio Strings folder.

Click "Replace the files in the destination" option. If you experience any problems updating, use the support form at the bottom right of the page to contact us for assistance.


Double click the downloaded file to extract the updater app, then double click that to run.

The updater will automatically search for your Cinematic Studio Strings installation. Just click the "Install" button to update your Cinematic Studio Strings installation to v1.1

Cinematic Studio Series © 2016 Alex Wallbank