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Cinematic Studio Strings is a library bursting with character. Featuring Australia’s finest musicians and meticulously recorded in a world-class scoring stage, CSS boasts a gorgeous sound, stunning true-to-life dynamics and a wide variety of articulations. With an intuitive and efficient GUI, CSS was created to meet the demands of working composers in today's film, TV and video game industries. This outstanding orchestral strings library for Kontakt and Kontakt Player is available now at a very affordable price.



A powerful strings sample library for Kontakt Player

Features at a glance

Introducing cinematic studio strings

CSS features a Hollywood-style string section, recorded in position in Australia’s premiere scoring stage - Trackdown. From the soaring colourful vibrato of the high violins to the dark and woody textures of the low cello and bass notes, you’ll be instantly inspired. Our aim was to create an instrument that’s instantly playable, sounds great out-of-the-box and is backed up by speedy customer support.

Live sound, no reverb required

With smooth legato, punchy spiccatos, inspiring textural harmonics and con sordino, CSS covers a wide range of the sound palette afforded by a world-class string section. We’ve kept an authentic, human element in the sound, so you’ll feel like you’re at a live session. With this new level of realism, you’ll feel comfortable using CSS without reverb, in fact we recommend it! All of our demos were created without reverb - all you hear is the natural air captured in the samples.

groundbreaking interface

At the heart of CSS is its cutting edge GUI, building on our previous critically-acclaimed library Cinematic Strings 2. This means a short-but-sweet patch list, easily assignable keyswitches and MIDI CCs, and a full mixer with output routing options plus reverb. These features and many others are all accessible via the main GUI page, you'll have CSS working alongside you on your latest project within minutes.

fully mixed - load and play

We used a variety of beautiful ribbon and condenser microphones to record CSS at three distances, which you can combine to create your own unique mix either inside Kontakt or via the newly included output-routing option. Alternatively, you can use our pre-mixed combination of all 3 if you want a great sound with fewer resources. Full and Lite Ensemble patches optimise workflow and are perfect for sketching or filling out a track.

realistic and expressive

CSS features a stunningly realistic legato engine. We painstakingly recorded true legato transitions for each note, up and down, including a beautiful portamento. We also recorded 're-bow' samples, meaning you can play repeated legato notes smoothly and with true-legato realism. For more information please check out the Legato Introduction video in the Videos section below.

compatible with free kontakt player

Cinematic Studio Strings is fully compatible with the free Kontakt Player, and will work as a standalone product with no need to purchase additional software. Kontakt Player is available as a separate download from Native Instruments and can be downloaded free of charge by clicking here. CSS is also designed for use with the new exciting range of NKS Keyboards.

  • Legato, including legato repetition and portamento
  • spiccato
  • staccatissimo
  • staccato
  • sforzando
  • pizzicato, including bartok snaps
  • col legno
  • harmonics
  • tremolo
  • trills (half and whole tone)
  • measured tremolo (tremolo sync and free sync)
  • marcato/fast runs
  • con sordino emulation (whole library)


Videos and Tutorials

 Articulation walkthrough

 technical walkthrough

 legato tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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